Here are a few screenshots from a conversation that Micka (patrickthepomeranian) had with “Gypsy” who’s real name is Chelsey, back in Oct. 2012. I would have gone in and removed her last name but I’m WAY too tired for that.

Anyway, Micka sent me this on Facebook and she’s mobile right now at a cafe but wanted this posted right away, so she told me to do it.

So. As you can see, this girl is delusional. Does anyone REALLY believe that Ryan Ross would have hit on this fangirl and given her his number? Let alone send her pictures of his dick?? Come on! Even I know that’s an insane story to make up. But then again, after the Mikey Way thing, I guess anything’s possible with band members and fangirls/stalkers.

But yeah, we (Micka and I) just find this really creepy and she sees it in a whole new light now with all Chelsey told me last night and showed me on Skype. Just nutso.

And does anyone else notice that all she really does is brag? It’s like she just HAS to be important in this fandom, as newveritas pointed out. It’s sad, really. She makes herself up to look like Sarah O and tells people that Brendon and Ryan hit on her… it sounds to me like she has some deep-seeded insecurities and psychological issues, but I won’t get into that. This is no time to psychoanalyse lol.

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    Thanks for letting me know that. I just emailed Sarah with that info she she knows.
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    She told my source that she pretended to be Shave Valdes on Facebook and spoke to Ryan pretending to be Shane. She’s...
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  18. emsevastra said: BTW, the picture of Ryan’s dick was posted on years ago. So, if she’s saying that she got that personally from him, either she’s lying, or she’s likely the psycho that uploaded it to the website.
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