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sound really dumb sorry

Glad we see the same in each other. lol I just wow. Makes me so sad to see how the intelligence of the younger generations has deteriorated so much. It’s very depressing. Anyway. Have a lovely evening, dear. I have no hard feelings whatsoever towards you. I don’t know you. You are more than welcome to ship whatever you like, as I clearly stated in my posts. To call it “hate” is just ignorant and immature. If you’d actually read what I had to say, you would have seen that I directly addressed the hate topic and said that it certainly is not hate and that I had no intention of upsetting anyone and that I was not calling Ryden stupid or that anyone shouldn’t ship it. It was SIMPLY my analysis of the pairing and my explanation of my dislike of it/Ryan himself. But I guess you’re a bit too biased to appreciate that. And that’s fine! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and way of thinking, but it’s just a little sad. Anyway. Have a wonderful evening and a great weekend, love. I wish only the best for you.

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