Panic! At The Disco Live at Jacobs Pavilion Full Show 7/30/2014

this hurts my head. [!]

…because of the camera angle… or…?



Choosing Halloween Costumes with Brendon Urie


Panic! at the Disco performing in San Diego, 8/27/14. Photo credit to Kelli Coyne.


Favourite People —> Spencer Smith

 People always ask us about our friends back home; the truth is we don’t really have any friends back home. I do nothing for a couple of weeks then just call up Ryan and hang out, go to the movies or something.


photo by hoeg


Thank you to everyone who joined us on The Gospel Tour. We love you all and hope to see you again very soon.

The Gospel Tour - Los Angeles (please credit if using)

"No but in all honesty- you do know Brendon is hella problematic, don't you?"


Every human is problematic. Nobody on this planet has made the right decisions all the time. Everybody fucks up. I’m sick to death of hearing about brendon bring problematic and shit he’s done wrong, (and I’m not saying he’s never done anything wrong), but maybe we should be thinking about all the things he does right. For every mistake he makes, he does 20 things fucking right, which is exactly how we should be. You fuck up, grow, learn, and improve as a person. So don’t come to me asking if I know brendon is problematic or not, because I’m always gonna defend him regardless. Peace the fuck out.