"just wondering? why do you hate ryan ross? or were you joking? sorry just wondering"

Way too many reasons but mostly just his overall douche personality and how badly he treated Brendon.

"Five more minutes, mom!" #poodles


Gallavich is just a ship?


Gallavich is my lifeblood and Mickey and Ian are the two chambers of my heart who keep it pumping through my veins.

I need so much more Noel Fisher in my life.

"Just curious, how do you feel about ryan ross?"

I strongly dislike him bordering on hate, tbh.


When i was little i never thought that eyebrows would ever be this important to me.

outfit game: on point
mental health game: ?????


This is a fucking cool photo.


goodness but he’s a cute little bugger

he makes me emotional

We should all strive to sing more sentences like Jean-Ralphio 

Holy shit, now Gina won tickets to Music Midtown this weekend and is giving one of them to me and going to push me around in the wheelchair.. hopefully that works out. I had given up on going because it was so rough last year with all the walking and so expensive, but if it’s free.. then might as well at least try to go! Where is all this good luck coming from, what the hell.